Classical Bethesda Home With Bespoke Flooring

Project: Mann Residence
Architect: Anne Decker Architects (Bethesda, MD)
Builder: Potomac Valley Builders (Bethesda, MD)

When we first spoke with Anne Decker about this project, she informed us that the customer was looking for a floor that was much more refined than a “white wash” but still rather white in comparison to a liming treatment.

Our inspiration was built off of our Chateau Oak, with a soft Estate Hand Scrape. Our Estate Hand Scrape is reminiscent of how the texture of the floor would have looked prior to electric sanding equipment developed in the 1930’s.

My grandmother and grandfather once told me that as young children during this period, there were two methods for finishing floors (this would have been in the 20’s). Remember, most flooring at this time was still just rough milled boards off of a frame saw (only very high-end homes actually had “milled flooring”).

So to take a floor that was rough boards to a finished floor they would use a floor scrape to scrape the saw marks out (you couldn’t use a plane as most people would imagine because it would tear the wood as it drug across the saw marks). After scraping the floor, it would generally be flat, would still have some small undulation as well as tool marks. So the next step was often to find sand beds in the river that would have very fine sand and to cover the floor with the sand and walk on it this way for several months. The final step was to scrub the floor with a lime solution that would neutralize the wood and make it very smooth to the touch.

With this story in mind, we began crafting the flooring for this home. I believe the end result speaks for itself!

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