Care and Maintenance

Since 1948, Elkin, North Carolina.

European Oil Finish:

European Oil is a natural, flack seed oil blended with natural wax, creating a “Hardwax” oil. This finish, being organic in nature, is meant to be a “breathable” finish. It is a 0 VOC Finish that is UV Cured under Industrial Lights. This is a durable, hardy finish that is ideal for creating a “Raw or natural” looking wood surface.

Signature Finish:

Our Signature Finish has been our Flagship Finish from the inception of our program. It is a UV Cured, Surface coating that is 0 VOC. We offer this in any Sheen, from Extra Matte to Hi-Gloss. This is a very resilient finish, ideal for clients with Lifestyle needs that demand the most durable Finish available.

General Information:


Estimates are generated at initial request with a reference to lead time. When the estimate is turned into an actual order we will be better able to give a more accurate lead time.

*Availability of lumber may be subject to prior estimates that have been turned into actual orders. Once an actual quote is generated, signed and returned with a deposit, at that time your order will be secured.


Lead Times:

Lead times change daily. From the time an order is estimated/quoted until the time of actual ordering the lead time may increase. Please be sure to order in a timely manner to avoid this situation.



Due to the nature of our custom hand crafted flooring we require a 50% non-refundable deposit at the time of ordering. Material balance is due upon these materials completion.  Installation balance is due upon install completion.  We are not responsible for delays in construction; payment must be remitted upon their completion.



We will gladly estimate shipping along with your flooring estimate. Keep in mind it is an estimate only and is subject to change with rising fuel costs etc. Also, there are several unforeseen circumstances on a delivery that may increase the total cost of shipping (residential delivery, excessive amount of time to unload, etc.) if this situation occurs the customer is responsible for the additional charge. This may include, but not limited to, inaccessible roads, road construction, severe weather, and or natural occurrences beyond our control.


Environmental Conditions:

We pride ourselves in crafting the finest wood flooring in the world. Your wood floor is a natural product, which is very sensitive to the environment it is in. The operating range for our wood flooring is 68 – 73 Degrees Fahrenheit, and a Relative Humidity range between 35 – 55 %. Your flooring is kiln dried to 7-9%, which is the moisture content that the floor naturally lives at under these conditions. The subfloor should not read (per NWFA specifications) more than 2% of your wood floor. In areas where the heating seasons are moderate to harsh, you may want to consider a humidifier to keep the relative humidity within the acceptable ranges. Any splits, checks, excessive shrinking or cupping (more than what is deemed normal according the NWFA) is not the liability of Burchette & Burchette if found outside of these conditions. Facial checks that occur due to radiant heat or extremely dry environments are NOT considered a defect. For Radiant Heat, Water Temperature cannot exceed 104 degrees with a Surface Temperature of the wood at 74 (1 or 2 Degrees above the Room Temperature) degree max, the Temperature of the subfloor should not be over 80 degrees.


Liability Statement:


Burchette and Burchette Hardwood Floors warrant that the products in manufactures are free from defects in materials and workmanship upon delivery. If a product is determined to be defective as of delivery, then Burchette and Burchette Hardwood Floors shall, at its option, repair or replace the defective product. Burchette and Burchette Hardwood Floors shall not be liable for any damage to or caused by its products as a result of heat, moisture, misuse, abuse, improper installation or other factors beyond its control. Burchette and Burchette Hardwood Floors liability, under all circumstances, shall not exceed the price of the unit that forms the basis of any claim.

Product Information:

Product Information

On behalf of Burchette and Burchette, we thank you for your interest and pursuit of an artisan handcrafted floor. We pride ourselves in the fact that we craft each floor by hand. Every detail from the edger, facial texture, filling of knots, coloring processes, and the finish is all done by hand with meticulous consideration to crafting a floor that is organic and natural unlike all the mass manufactured flooring in the market today. Since we have several artisans that craft each floor you should expect something truly unique and one of a kind. Every edge detail is done by hand and, therefore, will vary in look and appearance from board to board. Our hand eased edge may on occasion result in a slight lipped edge. This is not a defect, rather a natural occurrence in the product – one that authenticates the nature of the handcrafted material.


Based on the desired aesthetic for your home, we suggest going over these details with your installer and contractor. Everyone needs to understand that although the product is milled to very precise standards, there may be a necessary shuffling of boards to attain the look you are trying to achieve. We also suggest laying-out/racking-out the entire room prior to securing the flooring so that the overall appearance is thought out in regards to board placement, length variation, and texture. It is our full intent at Burchette and Burchette that everyone involved in the process understands the time, care and appreciation we have placed into crafting your floor. Our desire is that everyone puts the same attention to detail and thoughtfulness when installing this truly distinctive floor.


Please Note:

 Some oxidation and ambering is expected to occur over time. This is a natural occurrence and is completely unpreventable throughout the entire wood flooring industry. Our UV Cured Finishes DO NOT in any way prevent and/or protect our Floors from oxidation and or fading. Some Wood Species will oxidize at a slower rate than others, while areas that get direct sunlight will likely oxidize and/or amber at a faster rate. Burchette & Burchette does not warrant against any ambering or fading of its wood floors.


              All Wood Floors, of all species, and by all manufacturers, are subject to damage from High Heels, and rigorous or continuous Dog Nail wear. Both have potential to damage the layering of finish, as well as the tinsel wood fiber.


              The Burchette and Burchette Finish Warranty DOES NOT cover negligent Liquid/Water Infusion, dog drool and pet Urine. Our product is tested for water spotting, however it is not meant to withstand a high volume of unchecked amounts of liquid. If something is spilled on your hardwood flooring, we highly recommend cleaning it up as soon as possible. When cleaning, DO NOT use a Steam Mop to clean your floors. (Please See “Floor Care” Page for proper cleaning instruction for your Custom Flooring)



Burchette and Burchette Hardwood Floors offers free Homeowner Consultation meetings, either in person or over the phone. These are intended to educate the client so they can make an informed decision on the species, texture, grade, and finish of their hardwood flooring. It is always our recommendation that Consultation meetings be had, as often as possible, to promote education in our hardwood flooring products. 


To the Installer:

Because of the nature of the handmade product, there is potential for over/under wood in occasional spots. It is to be expected as a natural attribute of the floor of a 0.030” tolerance (the thickness of a credit card). If you have an edge that performs at a higher or lower acceptance than that, it will need to be shuffled and repositioned. Heavily textured floors will have a much higher range of variance, and require careful consideration of the layout of the flooring. It is imperative that the floor be dry laid before it is secured down. A waste factor is predetermined to include standard cut loss in installation as well as the very occasional scant end (more common in solid floor). As with all wood flooring, the installer is the final inspector of the product, so please understand that you are responsible for cutting out small defects as they may arise. This is not a statement of negligence; rather a statement of understanding that some small defects are impossible to detect until the floor is laid.



To all:


We take great care in the milling of both our solid and engineered products, and relish in the ability to be able to provide you with a stunning wide-plank, long-length, wood floor. Please understand engineered and solid flooring do differ. The tolerances of an engineered floor are tighter and more precise than that of a traditional solid wood plank. Solid wood is more susceptible and sensitive to environmental conditions that surround it and also has natural “memory” where it likes to revert back to its original shape. In our wide plank flooring, we do end-match all of our flooring with a male and female groove; although this provision is done, it is also possible to have an end that is one to two degrees out of square. This is normal in plank flooring.